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False Front

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False Front is a cartoony first-person shooter set in a huge sports arena. Dominate the spotlight with powerups, using the speed and momentum from bouncing on trampolines.

False Front is for the casual gamer that just wants to have some fun for a while. We try to make the game enjoyable for all players, not just the pros. To achieve this we created an enviroment where skilled players are rewarded for being skilled with killstreaks, and the noobs are rewarded random powerups to get some help. Have an Xbox/PlayStation controller? Plug it in and play some splitscreen with a friend, even online.
False Front Infected is our vision of how to turn a happy FPS into a horror game. Play in a pitch black arena using only a flashlight and some nightvision goggles to try to survive the infection. Infected also lets you play as the zombie, this is great to play with your friends and can be played online, offline and with splitscreen.


False Front False Front
False Front
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