Gratuitous Animal Massacre review

Gratuitous Animal Massacre

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It is the future. Most animals have gone extinct. Those that survive are isolated to man-made biomes. You are a psychopath with a taste for exotic meat. You enter the biomes with guns and an insatiable hunger to kill all that survive.

This is an arena shooter. There are 5 different biomes to go crazy in.

1. The Park - Small biome with two parts connected by bridges
2. The Meadow - Large Biome with lots of grass and a hill in the center
3. The Swamp - Creepy Crawlies in a dark valley filled with acid pools
4. The Mountain - Vertical biome with a winding path up a mountain
5. The Pit - Tiny biome with a pool of lava in the center.

Handgun, Dual Handguns, Shotgun, Dual Shotgun, Machine Gun

Bear, Cat, Horse, Spider, Snake, Crocodile, Gorilla, Deer, Cow, Rabbit, Wolf

Massacre all the animals to your heart's delight.


Gratuitous Animal Massacre Gratuitous Animal Massacre
Gratuitous Animal Massacre
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    300 MB available space