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Heart of Smoke

Published & copyrighted by Indigo Arts

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The crazy steampunk alchemist expelled from the Academy of Magicians and Scholars, Alchemecha, takes revenge on his colleagues by turning them into slave robots, ripping their books and spreading them around the world.

It's up to Eneen, the only remaining wizard (because he was not accepted at the Academy) to save his magical arts colleagues by using his power of smoke manipulation. For this he counts on the help of an unexpected pupil: the ninja girl Rae. As well as the Smoke Buddies.

Heart of Smoke is a platformer game inspired by 90's classics. With an intuitive mechanic, players must clear all the levels using both characters: Eneen can fly by creating a bird and attack with bats (both created with smoke). Rae is more agile, fast and can attack with her katana (normally lethal attacks, unlike Eneen). This in a fantastic world made up of multiple environments and many secrets (including the classic bonus stages).

  • A whole new universe to know and explore
  • 5 different worlds with it's unique themes and features
  • Each world with 3 levels to clear, 2 puzzles and 1 challenging boss
  • Each level with 2 bonus areas to find and many collectibles
  • Recover the book's pages and witness the Library restauration as you progress
  • Find the hidden alchemical relics in the stages and collect them on the colorchemy puzzles too to fully complete the game (100%, optional)
  • Eneen and Rae are not alone in this journey: the Smoke Buddies will help you along the way


Heart of Smoke Heart of Smoke
Heart of Smoke
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